Bingara is at the centre of the Fossickers Way, a scenic route offering a quiet alternative to the New England Highway.

Suburb Profiles, Bingara and New England Real Estate

Bingara is nestled on the Gwydir river in the New England area of northwest New South Wales. 

Bingara has assets which many towns would dream of having. It has an historic main street with active shopfronts and a walkable shopping area. There is plentiful on-street and off-street parking, and plenty of room for cars and walkers. 

Broad avenues with pleasant homes still contain clusters of shade trees, and in these places, Bingara is a very attractive town. 

The river provides a dramatic elevated entry point into the town heart, and its treed banks create a scenic town setting. Bingara's lookout provides panoramic views to the surrounding rural landscape. No wonder people who pass by decide to stay a while.

It is a place that shines with opportunity, a safe place with a friendly and healthy environment. But Bingara offers much more than just peace and tranquillity, it is not a sleepy town because it boasts a vibrant, energetic and productive community.

In 1827, explorer and botanist Allan Cunningham's journey crossed the Gwydir River where Bingara now stands. He camped on the junction of Halls Creek and the Gwydir River which he named after his benefactor, Lord Gwydir of Wales. Cunningham's glowing reports of the area, visited en route to The Darling Downs, instigated an immediate flow of graziers and their herds.

Although by 1850 over a dozen pastoral properties had been settled in the Bingara district, it was not until the discovery of gold in 1853, that settlements developed in both Bingara and Upper Bingara.

Prospectors flocked to the area and when copper, then diamonds were discovered in the 1880's rapid development followed. Bingara was, at this time, the largest producer of diamonds in Australia. 

The town grew and Maitland Street boasted five general stores, five or six hotels, butchers, bakers, saddlers, clothing and furniture stores, and all the shops and services necessary to make the town and surrounding district largely self sufficient.

Bingara became a municipality in 1890, at which time the spelling of  both Upper 'Bingera' and 'Bingera' changed to "Bingara".    

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